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Brink Flair 325 Released

The new Flair 325 MVHR unit from Brink Climate Systems will officially be released in April 2018 and Brink is proud to announce that the new range comes with some exciting new technologies including:

  • - Highly efficient EC constant-flow fans, fitted with rotating vane anemometers

  • - TFT colour touch-screen for easy programming

  • - 100% bypass

  • - Guided vanes for equal air-flow over the whole heat exchanger

  • - New condensate connection, with special ball syphon included

  • - Pre-heater with larger surface and new aerodynamic design

The Brink Climate Systems have used constant flow fan in MVHR units since 1990 and employing software which monitors changes to airflow in a system. This adjusts the fan speeds accordingly ensuring that the dwelling is ventilated at the correct rate, with the fans working at optimum efficiency and airflows equally balanced.

The unique design of the constant flow fans in Flair 325 MVHR unit have been manufactured to Brink’s specifications and provide an even more accurate control of the airflow. This is achieved using an anemometer fitted to the discharge tube of each fan which enables a fast and very precise response to airflow requirements (see image). The integrated digital programmer enables a system to be commissioned easily with balanced airflows (as an unbalanced system can swiftly loose thermal efficiency and cause pressure differences between the internal and external environments.)

The Brink Flair 325 includes a redesigned heat exchanger with vanes guiding the air-flow over the whole surface area of the heat exchanger. This design feature provides a laminar airflow to the heat exchanger, giving an even distribution of air through the heat exchanger for higher thermal efficiency and lower pressure loss (Pa).

The Brink Flair 325 is currently undergoing testing at a number of European institutes including the BRE and Passivhaus Institute - initial reports indicate market leading results.

Brink products available from Kernohan Distribution in Ireland and CVC Direct in the UK.

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