Brink Excellent 400 - Heat Recovery Ventilation 

The Brink Renovent Excellent 400 is a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit with an efficiency of 95%, low-energy fans and a maximum ventilation capacity of 400m3/h. The Brink Renovent Excellent 400 comes ready to plug in with a 230V mains plug and a connection for a low voltage multiple switch on the outside of the appliance.

Features of the Renovent Excellent 400:

  • Adjustable air flow rates via control panel

  • Filter change indication

  • Frost protection

  • Summer by pass

  • Low energy consumption

  • High efficiency 

  • Passive House Certified


Left-hand version

1 - From outside

2 - From dwelling

3 - To outside

4 - To dwelling

Right-hand version

1 - To dwelling

2 - From dwelling

3 - To outside

4 - To dwelling

Tech spec.png


Partly as a result of the use of 190 mm fans that revolve more slowly, Brink Climate Systems succeeded in further reducing the sound level. The reduction of the internal resistance of appliance and heat exchanger contributes further to the noiseless operation of the Renovent Excellent. The connection diameter of the ducts has increased. In combination with the larger diameter air ducts, that reduces the air flow rate and so the sound.

Lower auxiliary energy consumption

Additional advantage of the measures to reduce the noise level is that they also reduce the auxiliary energy consumption. With the Renovent Excellent, Brink Climate Systems succeeded in introducing an appliance that amply complies with the future European requirements of a maximum of 1.200 J/m3. But already today you can benefit from a further EPC reduction.

Constant flow control

Application of constant flow control guarantees the preset airflow rates independent of the resistance in the ducts system. The guaranteed ventilation balance ensures that the high efficiency will be maintained under all conditions. The constant flow principle simplifies tuning and that saves installation costs. On top of that, the filter fouling degree no longer affects the flow rate of the clean outdoor air supply. A unique feature is that Brink Climate Systems manages to combine the constant flow principle with the ultimate low-noise and low-energy EC fans with patented back-bent vanes. 

Frost protection

A frost protection system prevents the heat exchanger from freezing when it is very cold outside. In the Renovent Excellent this is a smart frost protection system with preheater. Temperature sensors monitor the heat exchanger condition and only switch on the preheater when it is necessary. That guarantees the high efficiency and the ventilation balance also under extremely low outdoor temperatures.

Brink Excellent 400 Installation Manual

Brink Excellent 400 Sound Data

Brink Excellent 400 Passivhaus Certificate